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Staff Contact Information

Avery Middle School Staff

Name Email Title

Mr. Scott Nicotero






Ms. Tobie Doyle 6th Grade 

Mrs. Ali Heermance 6th Grade   

Mr. Ed Martin 6th Grade

Mr. Anthony Villella 7th Language Arts

Ms. Rebecca Williams 7/8 Physical Education

Ms. Buffy Henrickson 7/8 Science

Ms. Amy Hessels 7/8 Social Studies

Mr. Tim Weidmann 7/8 Math

Mrs. Linda Woolworth 8th Language Arts

Mr. David Allured Music

Ms. Jennifer Haskell Special Education

Ms. Trina Lawrence Special Education
Support Staff    

Mrs. Kathleen Oswald Secretary

Mrs. Christine Greenberg Librarian

Mrs. Paula Gonzalez Food Service

Mrs. Tara Hungerford School Clerk
District Staff    

Mr. Jim Frost Superintendent

Mr. Theo Edwards Director of Technology

Mr. Devin Johnson

Director Maintenance, Operations

& Transportation 

Mrs. Robin Brown School Nurse

  School Psychologist

Mrs. Shaune Brady School Counselor

Ms. Oleta Retemeyer Technology Specialist

Mrs. Kathy Olson Food Service Manager